Codelocks announces five locks have achieved UL fire-rated certification


Codelocks Inc., a leading access control company that designs and distributes innovative, keyless door locks and access solutions, announces it has achieved UL 10C certification and three-hour fire rating for selected models within its mechanical, electronic and smart lock ranges.

There are fire-rated legal requirements in all commercial and non-domestic buildings, and now the CL610/5, CL5210, CL5510 and CL5550 are certified for the maximum 180-minute fire rating. These locks can be used on any fire-rated opening without negatively impacting its fire certification and safety. In addition to the fire rating, some key features of the locks include simple installation and operation, key override, code-free access functionality and remote-release options.

“It is imperative to be sure that any products installed on fire-rated openings have a fire safety certification,” said Matt Welty, Vice President, Americas at Codelocks. “Other products in the marketplace may appear to be ‘heavy duty’ enough to use, however, if they are not specifically fire-rated, installing them on an opening which is fire rated will void the entire opening’s compliance.”

The CL610 and CL615 mechanical locks allow for single code entry; the CL5210 electronic lock allows for multiple code users; and the CL5510 and CL5500 smart locks allow for smart card access and multiple code users. The CL5510 and CL5550 are also available with NetCode® technology that allows for temporary access through date- and time-sensitive codes. NetCode can be generated quickly and easily via the K3 Connect App, the online Codelocks Connect Portal, or by using the Codelocks Connect API.

When looking for fire-rated locks for your door opening, ensure that it meets the highest of standards by a qualified organization.

For more information on all Codelocks’ fire-rated solutions, visit here.


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10, May 2022

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