Fence News:Codelocks Provides All-Weather Locking Solution for the Fence and Gate Market

Purchasing a fence for a property can be a substantial investment. Whether that be to dictate a property line, keep children safe and away from pools, or deter theft of valuable assets that are kept outdoors, it is imperative to choose the best option to suit your customer’s needs.  

However, one often overlooked component of a fence installation is the use of a secure gate lock. By installing a lock on the outdoor gate, you can provide an extra layer of security for any commercial or residential project. According to Matt Welty, vice president, of Codelocks Americas, there are a variety of locks available in the market today, and not all of them provide the same benefits. 

Codelocks is a leading access control company that designs and distributes innovative, keyless locks and access solutions, offering light-, medium- and heavy-duty locking solutions for the gate and fence market. Gate Solutions by Codelocks is a comprehensive kit that includes all components needed for a gate and fence installation:lock, latch, accompanying lock box and hardware  

“First and foremost, when it comes to choosing a lock, it is important to understand what type of lock you are looking for,” says Welty. “Each lock has different benefits, including options such as the ability for codes to be changed without removal from the door or disassembly, remote code changes, key override, fullsize lever handles and access management that allows multiple codes to be set. Our stainless-steel buttons eliminate problems from button wear associated with user code deciphering.”  

The second, and often overlooked element, explains Welty is to have a locking solution that is meant for the outdoors and can withstand harsh environments.

“Many locks in the industry may appear to be heavy-duty enough, or they may be marketed as suitable for outdoor applications, but very often, these locks do not go through the necessary testing to ensure durability.” 

According to Welty, Marine by Codelocks, a durable black finish that helps prevent damage caused by corrosion, has gone through rigorous moisture and salt spray in a testing chamber for up to 1,000 hours without flaking or button peeling.

“This type of coating keeps locks safe in environments that may endure wind, rain and other unfavorable conditions.”  

Four ranges of Codelocks locks are available with the marine finish, including the CL200, CL400, CL500 and CL600. These locks range from light- to heavy-duty depending on the needs of the user and whether it is a residential or commercial installation. Each lock is reliable and flexible, with simple-coded external access, these locks are ideal for outbuildings, construction sites, pools, boat marinas and homes by the water. 

In addition to the testing Marine by Codelocks has completed, these mechanical locks benefit from a lifetime warranty and renowned technical support available via phone, email or support site. Codelocks recently announced a strategic alliance with D&D Technologies, the recognized leader in safety and high-performance gate hardware. This alliance positions Codelocks to expand its Gate Solutions by Codelocks and Marine by Codelocks to the fence industry.


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03, Apr 2023

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