KL1000 Classic+ KitLock Locker Lock

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Introducing the KitLock KL1000 Classic+. Featuring all the benefits of the KL1000 Classic, the Classic+ model includes a 24hr auto-unlock countdown timer* and 20 User Codes.



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Introducing the KitLock KL1000 Classic+. Featuring all the benefits of the KL1000 Classic, the Classic+ model includes a 24hr auto-unlock countdown timer* and 20 User Codes.

When operating in Public Function, the KL1000 Classic+ can be programmed to auto-unlock between 1 and 24 hours after locking*. This eliminates the hassle of using the Master Code to open individual lockers at the end of each day, saving management time.

The KL1000 Classic+ offers up to 20 unique 4 digit User Codes when operating in Private Function, thus allowing a single cabinet to be accessed by multiple users.

These additional features make the KL1000 Classic+ ideal for applications in which cabinets are required to be shared i.e. laptop stores in schools, medical cabinets and shared lockers for shift workers. Available in Silver Grey and Black finishes.

Key Features

  • 24hr auto-unlock countdown timer* in Public Function
  • Up to 20 User Codes in Private Function
  • 8 digit Master and Sub-Master Code
  • 4 digit User Code
  • 6 digit Technician Code
  • Left hand and right hand versions available
  • Up to 15,000 operations from 2 x AAA batteries (supplied)
  • Battery override
  • Slam latch accessory available
  • IP55 rated when fitted with gasket
  • All parts / fixings / templates included


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Clean by Codelocks is an optional finish which can be applied to any of our Codelocks products. Clean by Codelocks features an ISO certified* photocatalytic coating which, when applied to our locks, offers enhanced protection against viruses, bacteria, germs and other environmental toxins.

The coating utilizes a process called photocatalytic oxidation, which means that the coating converts harmful bacteria and germs into a non-toxic compound, resulting in a clean and hygienic surface. The clear coating combats SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (COVID-19) and can reduce bacterial growth by 99.96%*, providing an additional measure of protection over sanitization.

Application lead time 7 to 10 working days.

For more information please click here.


*Clean by Codelocks is a brand name operated by Codelocks Inc. to describe products that have been treated with the LumaClean™ Multipurpose Photocatalytic Coating manufactured by USA Nanocoat “the Manufacturer”. All test results, certifications and claims are those applied for or of the Manufacturer.


Clean by Codelocks should be not be considered a replacement for an overall cleaning and disinfection strategy. No claim is made or implied that Clean by Codelocks provides infallible protection against agents that may be harmful in part or whole to humans or animals.


Technical Specs Documentation + Downloads

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