CL255 Marine Tubular Latch with Key Override

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Marine by Codelocks premium light duty mechanical lock with mortise latch and key override option.



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The Marine by Codelocks range features a selection of locks that have been specially enhanced to withstand harsh outdoor environments and coastal applications. Reliable and durable, the marine grade black finish has proven to be resistant against moisture and salt spray, following rigorous salt spray testing for up to 1000 hours*.

The CL200 completes the Codelocks Mechanical series.

It's the same reliable, lightweight CL200, but specially enhanced to withstand harsh outdoor environments and coastal applications.

The CL255 is a light duty lock that utilizes a tubular latch. The latch is spring loaded and will latch automatically when the door is closed. The deadlocking plunger on the latchbolt prevents the latch from being shimmed open. The slide button on the backplate of the lock can be used to hold the latchbolt in a retracted position. When in use with the latchbolt retracted, the door will not latch and can be opened without requiring a code to be entered. If use of the holdback feature is not desired, it can be disabled when the lock is installed on the door.

The CL255 mechanical locks are supplied with a random code commencing with the ‘C’ clear button. To change the code after fitting, the lock must first be removed from the door. The code is non sequential, that is the code can be entered in any order e.g. 1234 can be 4321 or 1342 or whatever is the most convenient sequence. With the 13 buttons a total of 8,191 different codes are available, any of which may be entered in any order.

Key Features

  • Salt spray tested 1000 hours*
  • Durable marine grade black finish
  • Specially enhanced finish for harsh environments
  • Mechanical Codelock
  • Hold back feature
  • Light duty mortise latch with dual backplate
  • Hexagonal beveled handle and lock case
  • Use in offices / schools / warehouses / hospitals / care homes / nurseries / hotels / leisure facilities / the home


They’re the same tough, convenient, easy-to-use locks with a finish to match. Key benefits such as the limited lifetime guarantee** are still applicable to the Marine by Codelocks range, not to mention the renowned Codelocks technical support available via phone, email or our support site.


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*Tested in-house by Codelocks Ltd.
**Codelocks mechanical locks will be repaired, serviced or replaced free of charge if they develop a manufacturing fault. Faults caused by misuse, abuse and/or poor fitting are not covered by the guarantees.
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