Codelocks Creates Perfect Balance for London's Leading Yoga Provider


triyoga were looking for modern, simple and secure lockers that were hasslefree for members to use. Codelocks provided the solution with the KitLock KL1000 Classic Locker Lock, a robust, easy to use electronic locking system specifically designed to provide coinless and keyless access.

Founded in 2000, triyoga has become London’s top destination for yoga, Pilates and treatments. With established centres in Camden, Chelsea, Covent Garden, Ealing and Soho, the latest addition in Shoreditch offers over 125 yoga, Pilates and barre classes per week. Each centre has been designed to create a calm, relaxing and rejuvenating space amongst London’s bustle.



Peace of Mind

Before KitLock locker locks were installed, triyoga guests used coin operated key locks. This meant guests had to take their locker key with them to treatments and classes, often misplacing them. For triyoga staff, managing locker keys became problematic and extremely labour intensive. This prompted them to search for a lock that looked modern, was simple to operate and secure.


A Flexible Solution

Following a recommendation from a locker manufacturer, triyoga specified the KitLock to the designers of the new Shoreditch centre, Aldworth James & Bond.

James Cannon, facilities manager at triyoga immediately knew they were the perfect match.

“The KitLock from Codelocks ticked all the boxes, from price point to functionality and had clearly been designed with ease of use in mind. I immediately contacted Aldworth James & Bond who procured 150 of the KL1000 Classic Locks.”

Dan Benson, project manager at Aldworth James & Bond explained,

“The most important requirement for triyoga was that users didn’t need keys. The KL1000 Classic was the perfect solution for triyoga, and from start to finish the service we received from Codelocks was brilliant, we’ve really enjoyed working with them. Procurement was easy, installation was straightforward and we received great customer service.”



The KitLock Explained 

The KitLock KL1000 Classic is a digital cabinet lock ideal for replacing padlock locker mechanisms and traditional key cam locks supplied at many gyms, spas and leisure centres. It uses a four-digit code rather than a key to operate and secure the locker. In Public Function guests simply enter a code, “lock and go”. When it’s time to leave, the customer enters their code again and the locker opens. The code is then automatically erased, leaving the locker free for the next customer.


The Guru of Locker Locks

To ensure an environment of peace and tranquillity, members can now enjoy a stress-free experience without the inconvenience of carrying locker keys and coins. triyoga have programmed the locks in Public Function, allowing members to easily find a locker, whilst allowing staff members access at the end of the day for cleaning.


“The KitLock solution is user-friendly, secure and takes the duty of care away from us as keys are no longer left lying around,” said James. “Features such as the technician code are extremely useful when a customer forgets their code, plus we are able to open all the lockers at the end of the day and check nothing is left inside overnight. “We designed our centres to be slick, beautiful and at the top of their game, whilst also offering comfort and convenience. The KitLock from Codelocks has allowed us to ensure that this aesthetic goes beyond the studios and treatment rooms and into the changing rooms, much more in keeping with the quality expected from our centres."




25, Jun 2019

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