CL515 Marine Grade is Catch of the Day for CES UK


CES UK is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of locking systems and electronic access control systems for public and industrial buildings. It provides high-quality and innovative security systems which offer reliable and convenient protection to both people and valuables.

Access that goes with the flow

Located on the River Medway, CES require a robust and reliable solution for its external warehouse door that can manage large volumes of traffic and withstand harsh outdoor environments. Due to its riverside setting, it is fundamental that CES invest in a lock that resists exposure to moisture to prevent damage.

To help improve warehouse operations and ensure that both employees and visitors have seamless access, CES need a lock that is durable and suitable for frequent use. It is important that the access control solution can permit and restrict access to its warehouse to help replenish and protect stock and equipment. 


"We needed a product that can protect against the harsh elements and surroundings we work in. The CL515MG ticked all the right boxes."


Reliability come rain or shine

Codelocks recommended its CL515 Mortice Latch Black Marine Grade finish lock. Specially designed for coastal and harsh weather environment applications, the CL515MG offers simple keyless access via a unique code.

Helping to minimize inconvenience and reduce time spent waiting for access, the lock also offers a code-free function, perfect for day-to-day use when unrestricted access may be required.

Providing flexible and convenient entry for visitors, the CL515MG allows couriers to drop off deliveries without having to ask staff for access, especially important when handling heavy goods.  

With its large lever handles, the CL515MG’s robust and heavy-duty nature is a simple but effective security system, ideal for securing areas that need an extra level of protection. Perfectly suited to withstand constant use, CES feel at ease knowing that its property, stock and employees are safe and secure.

Mario Del-Signore, managing director at CES UK said, “As we are located by a river, we needed a product that can protect against the harsh elements and surroundings we work in. The CL515MG ticked all the right boxes.

“The CL515MG is a solid and robust product, you can feel the quality just by pressing the buttons. It is far more superior to what I’ve seen in the marketplace and this is important as it aligns with our CES products. We sell quality products here, so we want quality products on our own door.”

About the CL500 Marine Grade range

The CL500MG range is a reliable and flexible access control solution, providing sophistication to any application with its aesthetically pleasing sleek, black finish. With over 2000 non-sequential code combinations this lock gives simple coded access to buildings that experience high traffic.

Ideal for outbuildings, construction sites, marina’s and homes by the water, the CL500MG range resists exposure to moisture and helps to prevent damage caused by corroding. CL500MG range is salt spray tested – performing 1000 hours*. It is also compatible with Codelocks FireKit packs that can be fitted to latch locks for 30- or 60-minute fire doors. Tested in accordance with BS EN 1634-1:2008.


"We are really happy with the CL515MG. If someone was to leave the company, the lock is really simple to re-configure, which is incredibly helpful when managing many employees."


It's plain sailing from here

CES UK need a solution that helps to manage the access of its busy warehouse and is also suitable for its riverside environment. As well as adding an additional layer of security, CES require a robust, reliable and high-quality lock that is durable and offers staff instant access with minimal effort.  

“We are really happy with the CL515MG. Access to our warehouse is now far easier and saves time, as staff can simply walk up to the door, push a button and they are in. If someone was to leave the company, the lock is really simple to re-configure, which is incredibly helpful when managing many employees.

“Codelocks has an outstanding name for quality in the marketplace and its technical expertise is outstanding. We know that when we buy its products, we also receive first class service and support. 

“A few days after the lock was installed, I received a phone call from Codelocks to see how we were getting on. I would highly recommend Codelocks to installers, locksmiths and everyone in the marketplace.” 


*Tested in house by Codelocks Ltd.


01, Aug 2022

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