Security booster for healthcare facilities

The wellbeing of patients is the number one priority for healthcare professionals... but patient safety extends further than effective medical intervention and infection control.

Hospital building managers are tasked with:

  • ensuring that patients are able to recover in a secure environment

  • keeping expensive NHS medical assets under NHS control

  • guaranteeing patient records are only accessed by authorised staff.


And all the while, managing vast numbers of permanent staff, supply staff, contractors, deliveries and members of the public, 24/7.


The key to healthcare sector security

The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt (RJAH) Orthopaedic Hospital and Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust both identified the CL5510 smart lock as the solution to help them deliver their access control obligations.

The lock makes it quick and easy to permit or restrict staff and visitor access to specified areas of the hospital using keys, cards or smart phone entry systems. Using wireless technology, building managers can programme locks and issue codes using their smart phones - it's fast, hygienic and particularly effective for managing the high turnover of staff and facilitating rapid access for external visitors when needed.

The CL5510 also incorporates sophisticated NetCode technology which allows audit trails to be downloaded so managers can keep track of who enters the building, which specific lock controlled rooms they accessed and when they did so.



The CL5510 met the target



  • Fast, convenient and hygenic access

  • Permits or restricts access to private areas, information or drugs

  • Convenient for managers, medical staff, cleaning staff and visitors

  • Multiple options of key, card and phone entry

  • Options for time-specific access


Building team leader of the RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital, Matthew Mackenzie summed it up:"We have various buildings across the site that need to be secure, so it's convenient that the lock enables quick and easy code changes to save time for staff around our busy site. It was easy to install and requires low maintenance, so has certainly freed up more time for our staff. I'd highly recommend this lock to other building managers."

Read the full case study here.



31, Oct 2018