Take control of access in hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses

Do you run a small hotel, B&B or guesthouse? How many keys will you issue to guests this summer? How many will get lost or stolen?


Imagine if you never have to issue a guest room key again.

With GuestLock, the keyless digital door lock, you can secure guest bedroom doors without needing to issue or retrieve keys or fobs. Replacing traditional door locks and keys with GuestLock gives you convenience and control in one simple solution.

Here are just a few reasons why using GuestLock can help you deliver a professional and efficient hospitality service to your customers this summer:

Guests control access to their rooms by selecting their own four-digit code for the duration of their stay, using the keypad.

You don't have to issue keys, fobs or cards, or store keys on hooks in reception. Lost keys and locksmith call-out charges will be a thing of the past.

You can access bedrooms using a six-digit master code or a key override feature.

The locks provide over 80,000 openings from two AA batteries, so they are very easy to maintain.

You can send the four-digit room code and the code to the front door to guests in advance, which means you don't have to be there when they arrive. Guests can change the room code at their own convenience.



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02, Aug 2012