New KL1100 RFID added to the KitLock by Codelocks range


Codelocks Inc., a leading access control company that designs and distributes innovative, standalone keyless door locks and access solutions, introduces its newest KitLock by Codelocks product; the stylish and versatile KL1100 RFID.

The new KL1100 RFID is a smart card operated lock designed for both public and private lockers. Public Function is suitable for short-term multi-occupancy applications such as gyms, hotels and hospitals. Private Function is best for users that require regular access to a personal locker, such as a students or employees. The KL1100 RFID offers an optional pull handle. When equipped with the optional pull handle, the lock is fully compliant with all aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

“The KL1100 RFID is the perfect contactless lock to add to our KitLock by Codelocks range of products,” said Matt Welty, General Manager, Codelocks. “It is the ideal solution for managing large quantities of lockers or someone looking to enhance their spaces with a sleek, modern design. There is currently a void in the market for fully ADA-compliant locker and cabinet locks, and with the added benefit of the KL1100 RFID pull handle, Codelocks now fills that.”

The KL1100 RFID can be operated in two modes, allowing administrators to manage card access either locally or remotely. In Standalone Mode, administrators can use a Keypad Programmer (sold separately) to manage locks individually. Up to 50 User Cards, 10 Technician Cards and one Master Card can be allocated to each lock. Remote Card Authorization (RCA) Mode is an option for administrators that need to manage large numbers of lockers, as it offers convenient remote management for up to 250 locks within a lock group. RCA Mode offers remote management allowing Card Clients to be authorized via a computer using offline or cloud-based software and a Smart Card Reader.

The Standalone and RCA Modes both support Private and Public Function, making this a versatile solution for securing lockers in any situation. In Public Function, the lock can be given a maximum lock time or be set to open at a specific time that ensures fair use of lockers. In Private Function, when extra authentication is required, the lock can be programmed to unlock when two authorized cards are presented within five seconds of each other. An RCA Audit Card can be used to read an individual lock’s data, and then uploaded to the software when presented to the card reader.

The KL1100 RFID is straightforward to install and a simple retrofit to the popular KL1000 footprint and is available in a metallic silver or gloss black finish. It is easy to operate and features a powered latch which enables intuitive ‘push shut’ closing, enhancing the customer experience.


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19, Aug 2020

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