NetCode® Explained


The smart way to generate access codes.

Codelocks Smart Locks and the KitLock NetCode® enabled locks utilise technology that allows you to create date and time-sensitive temporary coded access: NetCode. A NetCode can be generated quickly and easily via the C3 Smart App1, the online Codelocks Connect Portal or by utilising the Codelocks Connect API. Once generated, a NetCode can be shared via email or SMS2, and will expire after their set duration - ideal for visiting service engineers, delivery personnel and short / medium-term locker rental.


No WiFi required.

NetCode works by using time and date based algorithms, synced between the lock and software upon initial programming. No WiFi is required - this helps our customers to issue a NetCode and manage access control wherever they are, even in the most remote locations.


NetCode Applications

Learn how NetCode could work for you by taking a look at some of our example scenarios using the drop downs below.


Codelocks Smart Locks

NetCode technology generates time and date sensitive codes for your guests. Whether you're a full-time 'super host' or occasionally rent out your property, it means you can focus on other aspects of the business, the Codelocks Smart Lock does the check-in for you.

Guest makes a booking

Generate the NetCode to activate / expire in correspondence with the agreed check-in / check-out times

Send the NetCode to your guest via email or SMS

Access is granted to the guest after entering their 6-digit NetCode on the Smart Lock keypad

NetCode expires at the set check-out time, ready for the next guest!


KitLock + NetCode

The KL1000 G3 NetCode is a smart way to generate time-sensitive codes for a wide range of lockers. Read how LokNCharge and Mobile Locker utilised the Codelocks Connect API to streamline their booking processes.

Customer requests to hire locker and makes booking payment

A locker is randomly assigned and a 7-digit NetCode automatically generated which is then shared with customer

Customer inputs NetCode, opens the locker and stores belongings

NetCode will lock / unlock the locker for the set duration before expiring

Booking ends, customer removes belongings and the locker is free for next use




"We looked at all the locks available on the market and it was Codelock’s NetCode feature that won it for us. NetCode is easy to use and provides less work for our employees, as codes can be generated online instead of manually at the lock – they can now spend their time more productively."

Mobile Locker - KL1000 NetCode



NetCode Locking Solutions

Specific locks from the Codelocks Smart Lock and KitLock by Codelocks ranges are available with NetCode technology:


KL1000 G3 NetCode

Compact locker lock offering NetCode technology, key override, front battery change, countdown timer and up to 20 User Codes.

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CL4500 Smart Lock

Medium duty smart lock. Combines smart technology with traditional keypad and RFID access credentials.

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CL5500 Smart Lock

Heavy duty smart lock. Combines smart technology with traditional keypad and RFID access credentials.

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Are there different types of NetCode?

Yes, there are different types of NetCode available3



Standard Single-use

Between 1 to 12 hours and 1 to 7 days, can only be used once within its duration.



Standard Multi-use

Between 1 to 12 hours and 1 to 7 days, can be used multiple times within its duration.



Medium-term Rental

For durations between 1 - 21 days. Must be used within the first 24 hours.



Long-term Rental

For durations up to 1 year. New NetCode blocks previous is on by default.



End Date

A NetCode that expires on a set date up to 365 days from generation.



24 Hour

A NetCode which lasts for 24 hours and can start on any hour. Multi-use and single.




Additional NetCode Features3





Send a NetCode via SMS2 and Email

Send a NetCode directly from the Codelocks Connect Portal or C3 Smart App1 via SMS or email.




Request NetCode via SMS2

Authorised phone numbers can request an instant 2 hour Standard Multi-use NetCode.




Block Previous NetCode

This feature automatically blocks the last used NetCode when a new NetCode is entered.






Personal User Code

Allow a NetCode user to create a personal 4 digit number that retains the same validity period as their originally located NetCode.




Block a NetCode

Block a NetCode directly on the lock using either the Master Code, the C3 Smart App1 or another valid NetCode.




NetCode Grace Period

Allow flexibility by setting a grace period of up to 15mins either side of it's specified time.4






To discuss your application and how NetCode could work for you, get in touch.

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1. The App is available on the Apple App Store for Apple devices or Google Play™ for Android™ devices. Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android, Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

2. Additional charges apply - Buy SMS credits from Codelocks to enable NetCode® distribution via SMS straight to mobiles.

3. Features, functions and NetCode® modes availability depends on the lock model.

4. Feature not available with KL1000 or KL1000 G3 NetCode®.

The Codelocks Control + Convenience logo and NetCode® are registered trademarks of Codelocks Ltd., registered in the United Kingdom, United States and other countries and regions.

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