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The WiFi Gatweway is a wireless device used to connect compatible Codelocks Smart Locks to your WiFi network, in conjunction with the K3 Connect App*.

One Gateway can be used to provide control for up to four smart locks within a 30ft range via the K3 Connect App*. The WiFi Gateway offers enhanced smart access control by providing remote locking/unlocking, programming, client management, NetCode generation and much more. Simply plug it in, set it up and sync with your locks.



  • Easy to set up and sync
  • Connects to your WiFi router
  • Control up to 4 smart locks
  • Program locks remotely
  • Manage clients - code, card, phone
  • Entry notification alert
  • Retrieve the lock’s audit trail
  • Remote unlocking
  • LED status indicator


* The App is available on the Apple App Store for Apple devices or Google Play™

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