Simple access control. For you. For your guests.


Simple. Standalone. Smart.

Tried, tested and trusted within the hospitality community.

The standalone smart lock; innovatively designed to combine smart technology with traditional access control methods.


Where did that key go?

Codelocks Smart Locks provide flexibility and convenience by offering a range of access methods, allowing you to choose the most suitable solution for your property. Allow guests access via a simple code input, allocate and register a contactless smart card or send a NetCode to their phone. Less keys, less hassle.



Stressful check-ins?

Introducing Codelocks' NetCode technology. Capable of generating time and date sensitive codes for your guests, it means you can focus on other aspects of the business, while the smart lock does the check-in for you. Create codes using the K3 Connect App or the online NetCode portal, and send them to your guests via SMS or email. It really is that simple.



Make bookings easy.

The Codelocks Developer Programme is ideal for those who need to generate NetCodes from their own website or booking platform. Especially suited to those with larger portfolios, guests can book online and automatically receive their personal, time and date specific NetCode, only allowing access for the duration of their stay.



Complete peace of mind.

Codelocks' world class customer service is recognised industry wide. We understand that despite the simplicity of our products, sometimes technology can be confusing. That's why you can find all installation and operating instructions online at, as well as helpful tutorials on our website and YouTube channel. Alternatively, give us a call, we're here to help.




NetCode Technology - An Overview



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