CL650 Mortise Lock Back to Back

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The CL650 back to back is a heavy duty ANSI mortise lock.



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The CL650BB is a heavy duty tubular mortise lock with a double cylinder, 3 keys and anti-panic safety function. The code in / code out (Back to Back) model provides coded acces in both directions.

The outside lever handle will retract the latch after a correct code is entered. The spring loaded latchbolt will lock automatically when the door is closed. The key retracts the latchbolt for entry without using a code. The key controls the deadbolt position. When the deadbolt is projected it denies access by code. When the deadbolt is projected the safety feature allows the inside lever handle to retract the deadbolt and the latchbolt, preventing people being accidentally lock in. The key can be used to open the doors for management functions such as security and cleaning.


Quick Code change!

The CL600 range incorporating the new Quick Code system allows on door code change in seconds. Typically most mechanical digital locks require the lock to be r

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