The CL4510 smart lock scores 9 out of 10

Prior to NetCode and our smart locks, Codelocks was a strictly manufacturing and distribution based company. By branching out to software engineering, we have been able to enhance our offering to encompass service-driven solutions. And by embracing the latest in distributed cloud computing services, our research and development team has been able to take what was a niche feature and turn it into a service that processes tens of thousands of transactions, providing fast, simple access to facilities across the world.



One of our latest flagship products to incorporate NetCode is the CL4510 smart lock. The new lock offers the same power, flexibility and convenience that Codelocks customers have grown accustomed to, but packs it into a smaller, sleeker package. The new smart lock is ideally suited to a wide range of internal commercial applications.


Codelocks' research and development team constantly strive to produce the best locks on the market, which is why we offered it to Professional Security Installer (PSI) magazine for their review.


Here's an overview of PSI's experience of the CL4510 smart lock and its features:

  • Choice of entry method. Access can be via a code, MIFARE compatible card or smartphone.
  • The lock can also be opened remotely from reception or via a building alarm
  • Straightforward installation
  • Pairs with the multi-function K3 Connect app (also functions without the app)
  • Equally provides high level security on its own without any connectivity
  • Set codes for a specific start date and time which automatically expire after a set duration.


You can read the full review in Professional Security Installer magazine here.

Take a look at the CL4510 smart lock.


17, Jan 2018

CL4510 Smart Lock

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