Codelocks enables Parks Tennis to offer ‘pay and play’ access to courts


Parks Tennis was searching for the best way to manage access to its public tennis courts. The goal was to secure the courts making it easy to book and use them, whilst generating income. Codelocks enabled a simple ‘pay as you play’ solution with the CL5510 smart lock. This lock gives the ability to create and send codes remotely to customers, simplifying Parks Tennis’ booking procedure and ensuring the courts remain protected and profitable.



Controlling Access to Public Tennis Courts 

Previously, the tennis courts could be booked online, but many people just turned up and began playing. This meant that there was no control over when the courts would be available, and paying customers would turn up and be disappointed. People were also able to use the courts without paying, resulting in lost income. Oxford Council were concerned that the open access combined with loss of income would cause the tennis courts to fall into a state of disrepair. There was a need for the courts to be managed in a new way to ensure they could be maintained, providing the community with a safe, local environment to play tennis.


Pay and Play’ – Codelocks Serves an Ace

Parks Tennis wanted to make it simple for people to book the tennis courts for specific periods of time. A year was spent researching the market; many potential solutions were considered before being dismissed. Mechanical and fob locks involved too much administrative hassle; padlock combination locks were not robust enough for the outdoor environment and heavy usage. Many digital locks were prohibitively expensive, or needed to be part of a complex wired-in system. Codelocks offered the solution to these problems; its coded locks are keyless, easy to install without complex wiring, robust, excellent value, and battery-powered.

Parks Tennis chose the CL5510 smart lock for its ability to generate unique access codes remotely, offering convenience for players and coaches. Customers can now book a timeslot through the website and automatically receive a unique code via text or email, which allows them access to the courts during their specified timeslot. The codes are ‘disposable,’ expiring after a set time. Customers therefore know that the courts will be available to use at the time they have booked. This simple ‘pay and play’ solution was made possible due to the CL5510’s smart capabilities.


Game, Set and Match

For customers, it is now easy to book and access the courts at a time convenient for them. Time-specific access has resulted in a fairer solution for the community, removing the problem of ‘court hogging.’ For coaches, it is easy to access the courts ahead of their sessions to set up and get ready for players.

The Council is no longer concerned about court maintenance, which was under threat from government-imposed budget cuts. Since installing Codelocks CL5510 smart lock, income from the courts has doubled. Funds raised help to maintain and safeguard the future of the courts. 

It is a more manageable solution for Parks Tennis staff, as it removes the need for them to be onsite. Administration and costs are now kept to a minimum as time is no longer spent changing the lock codes or issuing and retrieving keys. Through the CL5510 Audit Trail function, Parks Tennis can gather customer data to gain insight into the use of the courts. This helps to inform decision-making and encourage repeat bookings. 

Installing the CL5510 has made tennis more accessible for the community, whilst raising money for the Council and creating a better experience for all. It has helped turn important public facilities from subsidy to surplus, ensuring they are kept open for everyone to enjoy.



“The CL5510 was exactly what we were looking for:a good value, cleverly-designed, weather-proof lock which enables time-sensitive access codes to be issued automatically. The lock is easy to use, cost-effective, and battery-powered, requiring no internet or electricity to install. It works seamlessly with our existing booking systems. Codelocks are also a fantastic partner to work with – they are always available and they offer first-class support.

“What we particularly like about the CL5510 is that it can generate codes hour-by-hour, day-by-day – the codes are unique every time. It can also be preloaded with several four-digit pins, which is useful for people who use the facilities regularly, such as tennis coaches. On top of that, we can issue smart cards to stakeholders , such as tennis clubs or Parks Wardens, for 24/7 access. So, one single product has helped us meet the needs of all the different stakeholders. It has allowed us to make low-cost community sport available and accessible to all.”


About Parks Tennis

Parks Tennis is a not-for-profit community interest company:its mission is to improve lives through tennis. It organises community coaching programs and ‘pay and play’ programs in parks. It also offers social tennis sessions for different age groups and different playing standards, with the aim of engaging entire communities. It has taken around 40,000 bookings on tennis courts and coaching programs in the last 18 months; it currently has over 12,000 customers enjoying tennis across the UK.


















18, Jan 2017

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