Transform your leisure facility and activate healthier lifestyles

Did you know that on average we are now living up to three and a half-years longer than we did 10 years ago? Having an active lifestyle and positive mental wellbeing is more important than ever, helping to keep mental health problems, disease and obesity at bay.

Whether you are a gym manager, facilities manager, club owner, or headteacher, our range of KitLock locker locks provide an appealing, hassle-free environment in a range of leisure facilities. Take a look at how our locks can enhance your facility and help to encourage your members, runners and students lead a healthy lifestyle.



Get active

When a member steps inside a health club they want to sweat during their workout and not in the changing room searching for a locker that is in working order.

The KL1200 is a durable, electronic lock that is a popular choice for short-term, multi-occupancy applications. Members enter their four-digit code once before the code is instantly erased ready for the next member. The result - staff spend less time dealing with locker complaints and members spend more time using your facilities.

The robust design offers maximum security and protection and is ideal for storing personal belongings at leisure centres and fitness events such as charity runs. Coded access ensures that runners can focus on beating their personal best and spend less time thinking about where to keep their key.

Managing a large number of lockers can be time-consuming so, for venues such as hotel spas, KitLock makes it easy for hotel managers to control access.


Happiness, rest and relaxation

As well as keeping active, it's just as important to take time to relax and what better way to do this than to visit a yoga retreat or spa. Guests value a stress-free experience and a safe space to store their belongings. Deliver that and they will be encouraged to return time and time again to your spa or yoga retreat. Cost-effective and simple-to-use, the modern KL1000 Classic boasts keyless and coinless access, meaning your guests don't need to wear uncomfortable key bracelets and staff don't have to spend time and budget replacing lost keys. The simple 'lock and go' function provides seamless entry and if users forget their code there's no drama - staff can easily gain access by using the technician code, which is also useful for checking lockers are empty at the end of the day. Coded access is ideal for leisure centre managers and sports coaches who want to avoid the risk of individuals being injured by sharp keys - perfect for trampoline parks.

If you still rely on coin-operated lockers, it's time for an upgrade. The KL1000 RFID grants entry at the touch of a smart card offering a convenient, codeless alternative.


Learn new sports and utilise outdoor space

Providing people with space and a wide range of activities helps to promote positive wellbeing within local communities.

For local councils and sports coaches, NetCode is a smart way to manage access to public leisure facilities such as tennis courts. NetCode allows facilities managers to generate time-sensitive codes that allow users temporary access on specific dates, times and for set durations. Providing members with 24/7 access, NetCode offers complete control and convenience giving players locker access and allowing them to book courts at any time, without having to meet anyone to gain entry. 'Pay as you play' solution is available with the CL5510 Smart Lock.


Mind, body and soul

Ensuring that personal data remains secure is more important than ever. The compact Nano90 is the perfect solution for keeping large quantities of customer data safe within filing cabinets and drawers located in office environments. Whether you are a therapist, consultant or gym manager, the locks keyless access entry means you'll never cause a data breach by losing a key. The flush-mounted, discreet and attractive lock fits in place of standard cam locks too, making it easy to install, lock and go!


With a comprehensive range of smart, mechanical, electronic and locker locks you can be sure Codelocks can help to suit your exact need.

Take a look at how KitLock provides the perfect balance of ease and convenience.


26, Apr 2019