Star of the week: The KitLock KL10 is top of the class

Modern technology has certainly transformed education over the years, from tablets to interactive whiteboards, the learning experience has been taken to the next level. With this in mind, it is important that schools have affordable access control that offers a safe environment for its pupils and staff and spaces that provide maximum security for equipment and personal belongings.


Enabling interactive learning

Although textbooks still have a place in the classroom, when it comes to homework students now heavily rely on laptops, smart phones and tablets when studying. With schools, colleges and universities now implementing a bring your own device initiative into the classroom, it is in the education establishments' best interest to provide a solution that will protect pupils' devices. The cost effective, KitLock locker lock range provides students and staff with robust, simple, keyless access for lockers, cupboards, drawers and cabinets.

Now that most lessons are delivered in a more engaging way, the KitLock range also helps to provide a safe environment for expensive teaching tools, preventing schools from having to replace costly equipment that may get damaged or stolen.


Introducing the KL10

Designed with simplicity in mind, the KL10 is a sleek, easy to install, mechanical lock ideal for nurseries, schools, colleges and universities. Offering seamless access via a four-wheel code combination, the durable lock is the perfect solution for a wide variety of internal applications including lockers, cabinets and cupboards.


Benefits of installing KL10:

  • Saves budget - eliminates time and money spent replacing and looking for lost keys.
  • Removes the issue of pupils losing keys and causing disruption to learning.
  • Unique 4-digit code ensures belongings are kept safe from other pupils.
  • Allows teachers to secure personal property and expensive equipment such as; iPads, mobile phones and any confiscated gadgets.
  • Caretakers and cleaners can store hazardous items away in cupboards and gain access 24/7.
  • Private individual function only is ideal for settings where the same code is repetitively used.
  • Code retrieval function allows codes to be easily changed or reset whilst the code is on the door. Master key provides access to all lockers if codes are forgotten.
  • Easy to manage, maintain and install.
  • Affordable for institutions such as the education sector who have restricted budgets.
  • Allows future security and refurbishment budget to be allocated to learning projects


KitLock KL10

Click the KitLock to see the KL10 in action


Convenience for everyone

Unlike clunky padlocks where caretakers and teachers have to manage and store keys, mechanical, electronic and smart locks provide convenient access control without compromising on security. Headteachers can feel reassured that pupils remain safe whilst on site and that school property is not at risk of damage or theft.

For swimming pools, workshops and equipment storage that pose a threat to students' wellbeing, it is fundamental that caretakers and teachers have the ability to restrict the access of these areas when not in use to prevent accidents.

To stop expensive equipment and hazardous chemicals ending up in the wrong hands, education institutions can install coded locks. Authorised staff can simply generate a code for approved visitors and cleaners, providing controlled access to staff rooms, sports courts and equipment cupboards that will automatically expire after a set time.


In safe hands

In the world of education, the need to provide a safe, secure environment for students and staff is now a given. Installing affordable, robust access control provides staff with the control they need to restrict who enters a building and when. To help restrict movement of authorised visitors and protect property, Codelocks audit trail function allows caretakers to see when a door has been opened.

Providing more accuracy than a visitor sign-in book, unique codes provide users with access on certain days and specific times, offering staff complete control and reassurance. For nurseries who need to operate smooth drop-off and collection times, keyless access provides parents with instant entry and peace of mind, and causes less disruption for staff having to run back and forth to let visitors in.

To protect files, post and reports that contain personal data of pupils and staff, the Nano90 keyless furniture lock is ideal for storage cabinets, lockers and cupboards when securing sensitive information.

Providing a safe environment for pupils, staff and equipment is easy and affordable. If you would like further information on our KL10 watch the video here or advice on the right access control solution for your nursery, school, college or university, contact our team today.



10, Jun 2019