A smarter approach to farm security with Marine by Codelocks

Colin Campbell, Managing Director of Codelocks explains how keyless access solutions can help farmers fight rising rural crime.


Rural crime is not a new issue for farmers – but farm security is an increasing concern. According to a recent report by the insurance firm NFU Mutual, the cost of rural crime is at an eight-year high. A number of factors contribute to this worrying trend. One is the increase in the amount of expensive and valuable equipment kept on farms. Another is the rise in organized crime, with thieves targeting farms and stealing equipment to order. The single most effective way to guard against this type of crime is to keep vehicles and equipment out of sight in a secure building.

The best way to encourage farm workers to keep vehicles and equipment secure is to make it as convenient as possible to stick to security guidelines. This is achievable by fitting outbuildings with keyless access solutions. Code operated locks remove the need to carry large sets of keys – which are cumbersome and can easily get lost. Plus, with keyless access solutions, farm workers no longer have to worry about making a long round-trip to retrieve forgotten keys.

Another great advantage of modern keyless access solutions is their flexibility. They are easy to install, and codes can be shared with anyone that needs access – which can be especially useful in case of emergency. It’s also possible to set different levels of security. Some locks, for example, could share a code that all workers have access to. Others could have unique codes restricted to key personnel. The latest smart lock solutions even offer advanced options. Managers can generate codes for use within a specified time frame, to provide access for deliveries for example. They can also to view the lock’s usage history and keep track of exactly who has accessed it, and when – helping to ensure that security policies are being observed.



Codelocks offers a range of keyless access solutions, from simple mechanical coded locks to smart lock solutions some of which are specifically designed for harsher environments. The CL500 Marine Grade lock, for example is a sturdy mechanical lock treated with a special coating that prevents damage caused by corroding. Some of Codelocks’ mechanical and electronic locks are also available with PINGuard, a weatherproof cowl that protects them from wind and rain. These products are affordable and durable and can be fitted anywhere with no need for hardwiring – making them perfect for restricted budgets and outdoor agricultural applications.

Keyless access solutions provide greater convenience for farm workers, and also make it much easier for farm managers to control access to buildings and equipment. Coded locks enable farm managers to provide access to buildings and equipment without the need to exchange keys, cutting down unnecessary contact between staff. 

Recent events have highlighted another benefit of keyless access solution, too – helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Codelocks’ access control systems now offer an extra layer of protection with an optional finish that reduces bacterial growth by over 99.9% and has been shown to be effective in eliminating coronavirus from surfaces within minutes.

Farmers have always understood the need to move with the times. When it comes to security, the old-fashioned lock and key may soon become a thing of the past.


24, Nov 2020

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