5 Questions to ask before purchasing a door controller


With the rise of hotdesking and hiring out office spaces, businesses are becoming more interested in the future of connected products and tracking. It is important for building managers and business owners to recognise how people are working today, review how their business is set up, determine if current entry systems are outdated or compatible with new technology, and decide if their current environment is scalable for the future.

Fast becoming the key to smarter building security, door controllers help to support the transition to a more advanced, connected future and offer a flexible solution for when businesses grow. 

With so many door controllers on the market and all of them boasting different features and functionality, it can be confusing to understand which product is right for your business. Here are some questions to ask before investing in a door controller:


1.    My traditional lock and key works well, why should I invest in a door controller? 


As businesses prepare to meet the demands of a more convenient and connected world, investing in a modern access control system provides greater security, practicability and future proofs your business growth.  

For buildings that see high volumes of people enter and leave, security breaches can easily occur, especially if the building is not equipped with suitable access control. A door controller provides secure, convenient and flexible access. 

As well as providing a detailed record of every employee, contractor or cleaner entering specific areas of a building, door controllers also give managers full control to assign and delete access rights at any time. 

The installation of a door controller could change your business model as you can provide access 24/7 and can reduce overhead costs as it removes the need for security or reception staff.

The card or code access means employees, customers and service staff can gain entry at a time that is convenient to them. There is no reliance on key holders letting them in if keys are forgotten, or at unsociable hours. 

Unlike a traditional lock and key entry, door controllers also remove the stress of keys being misplaced and omit the cost of paying for replacements.


2.    How will my business benefit from installing a door controller? 


Door controllers are a simple and convenient way for facility managers and business owners to secure entire buildings and individual rooms. As well as controlling admittance to certain areas, door controllers can also help to improve health and safety, provide valuable insight for business managers and aid the management of visitors. 

For environments such as retail stores, nurseries, care homes and hospitals, where restricting access to private rooms or sensitive information is required, door controllers provide keyless proximity access whereby a unique card or code is presented to gain access. 

The Door Interlock feature on A3 Dual and A3 Vandal Resist door controllers provides an additional layer of security by allowing two doors to be linked. The first door requires closing before the second door can be opened, ideal for staff rooms, offices, storage cupboards and areas that lead to wards, creches or safes.

Door controllers provide reassurance to business owners, parents and staff, by offering peace of mind that no unauthorised person has access to children, patients, information or valuables. 


3.    How does a door controller work?


The Access by Codelocks A3 range of keyless door controllers simply act as a reader where users present their card, fob or enter their code credentials to open a door. The A3 range are hardwired, however complex software purchases, external programmers or licensing costs are not required. A3 door controllers are RFID and MIFARE® compatible and interact with existing magnetic locks and electronic strikes. 


4.    What other features do Codelocks controllers have?


Consisting of three different models, Codelocks Access door controller range includes the A3 RFID, A3 Dual and A3 Vandal Resist. All models feature a variety of functions to suit a wide range of access control requirements. 

  • Latch Mode enables code and card free access, so the door doesn’t lock when closed – convenient for when goods are being delivered. 
  • Pulse Mode offers an adjustable re-lock time to be set which gives the flexibility of setting the time of the door closing and relocking within 1 second or up to 99 seconds.  
  • Penalty Time feature prevents access for 30 seconds when an incorrect card or code is entered ten times. 
  • Door Interlock allows two door controllers to be linked. For example, the first door will require closing before the second door can be opened. Useful for rooms that store valuables or safes. 
  • Panic Client can be used to trigger a silent alarm. In the event being forced to open a door against a person’s will, a Panic Code or Card can be used to signal for help.
  • Wiegand is a wiring standard used in access control systems. When a controller acts as Wiegand reader, it can be used to connect devices together as part of a larger network. 
  • Anti-tamper sensor. 
  • Alarm and doorbell connections. 


5.    How is the door controller fitted and programmed? 


User-friendly and simple to install, Access by Codelocks door controllers arrive packaged with necessary fixings and contain a helpful Getting Started Guide including wiring diagrams. Flush or surface mounted units are hard wired and intended for use with existing magnetic locks and electronic strikes. Access door controllers require power and connection to a push-to-exit button, which momentarily releases the lock for exit. 

The A3 range is easy to manage and maintain. When assigning, deleting or reassigning access for a specific user, managers can programme Access by Codelocks door controllers without external programming devices. 

For environments where it is not an option to install a lock on a door, Codelocks A3 range of keyless door controllers is the perfect solution.


Choose the right door controller supplier 


Once you have decided which door controller is best suited to your building, it is important select the right supplier to help save you time and money. Be sure to check whether the supplier simply offers the product or provides further support. 

Codelocks offers the complete package – providing everything in the box to fit the door controller. With pre and post customer support, Codelocks ensures that the whole process is effortless.


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25, Oct 2019