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WiFi Gateway

Easy to install and set-up, the WiFi Gateway can connect and control multiple Codelocks Smart Locks.

KL1100 Powered Latch

KL1100 Powered Latch Unit About KL1100 RFIDFeaturing a stylish, slimline front plate the KL1100 RFID gives any...

KitLock Slam Latch

KitLock Slam Latch suitable for use with KL1000, KL1050 and KL1060.

KL1100 Smart Card Reader & Single Software License

Smart Card ReaderA compatible Smart Card Reader simply plugs in via USB and works alongside the software.This allows a...

Gasket for KitLock

Suitable for KitLock KL1000, KL1050 and KL1060.

Kitlock Slam Latch for KL1200 & KL1550

For use with the KL1200 and KL1550 Allows "Push shut" locking of the door. No need to turn the...

KL1100 Programmer

For use with the KL1100 RFID KitLock Locker Lock.  One programmer can be shared amongst a group of locks. About...

ADA Pull Handle

ADA Pull Handle for the KL1100 RFID KitLock Locker Lock (sold separatley).Optional pull handle available for compliance...

CL-ED Series Exit Device

Codelocks CL.ED Series Exit Device available in 2 sizes, to accommodate up to 36" doors and up to 48" doors.NSI...