Unlock new business potential with locksmith training courses

Wednesday, 24 July 2013  |  Codelocks Marketing

In today’s tough economic climate, we all have to work harder to find new business opportunities. Instead of sitting and waiting for the phone to ring, we have to be proactive and one option is to look around and see what we can learn from others working in the same industry.

This is one of the reasons we introduced our locksmith training courses back in 2012. We wanted to work closer with the people installing and servicing our locks on daily basis, and in doing so we’ve gained valuable feedback; helping us make further improvements to our product line.

In return, we’ve given locksmiths the opportunity to refresh their technical knowledge, and gain free access to expert tuition. The training courses have been very popular, so much so that we’ve announced further dates later on in the year. To find out why the training has been so well received in the locksmith community I spoke with attendee Terry Maynard, a locksmith running Durolock Security in Medway, and asked him why he came along and what he’s learned from the experience.