Codelocks to showcase its range of KitLock locker locks at IHRSA

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Irvine, California, January 22nd 2015  – Visit booth #408 at IHRSA 2015 to see the latest digital locker locks from Codelocks. 

Fitted in place of standard keyed cam locks, KitLock electronic locks secure lockers in sports clubs, gyms and spa changing rooms without the use of keys. KitLock 1500 features a ‘timed unlock’ facility, allowing lockers to be programmed to automatically open at a certain time of day.

“One of the main disadvantages of locker keys is the fact that club members can, accidentally or otherwise, take them home. This prevents other people from using the lockers, which can cause problems if numbers are limited,” explains Grant Macdonald, President at Codelocks Inc. “The real-time clock on the KitLock 1500 stops people from effectively ‘claiming’ lockers as their own. Lockers can be programmed to automatically unlock after closing hours, for example, so that all of the lockers are open and ready to be used the next morning. It also means that employees can access the lockers for cleaning.”

The sleek-looking black lock can be fitted in any orientation due to its patented keypad design, and for extra convenience, the keypad can also be replaced with an iButton for use with existing wristbands. The locker lock is IP54 rated, making it suitable for the damp conditions in a changing room environment.

For more information on KitLock keyless locker locks, call +714 979 2900 or email

About KitLock

KitLock is a stylish alternative to traditional keyed cam locks that uses a four-digit code rather than a key to secure lockers in sports clubs, gyms and spas. In public function, the code will lock and open the locker once only and then be erased. The lock will remain open until the next user resets it. A red LED light will flash to show the locker is in use. If a user forgets the code, it can be unlocked using a master code. For more information visit:

KitLock is a Codelocks Ltd brand.