Landmark Hotel Case Study

Monday, 8 July 2013  |  Admin

With only 40 lockers for the guests to use, the Landmark Hotel Spa and Health Club decided to remove the key-operated locks and replace them with a keyless alternative instead.

KitLock 1200 is a durable electronic lock suitable for securing lockers. Fitted in place of a standard cam lock, it provides simple keypad access without the hassle of keys, coins or tokens. Instead, access is gained by entering a four-digit code on the keypad. Guests simply enter a user code, then ‘lock and go’.

How does a KitLock operate?

In ‘locker-mode’ a KitLock operates with a single-use code setting facility. The guest enters a four-digit code, that will lock and open the locker only once, then be erased. The locker then remains open until another guest uses it again.  

When a locker is available, the lever handle will be in the open position (A). The guest opens the locker door, places items inside the locker and closes the door. The lever is turned to the closed position (B) and the guest enters a four-digit PIN code. A beep is audible for every button pressed. The blue LED will flash after the last digit; the new code is now accepted. A red LED light will flash to show the locker is in use.

To re-open the locker, the guest enters the four-digit code and turns the lever to the open position (A), ready for the next guest to use.