Health City Case Study

Wednesday, 9 October 2013  |  Codelocks Marketing

KL1200 installed at Health City

Managing locker keys can be problematic and time consuming for any gym, but with thousands of lockers to look after, managers at HealthCity were spending far too much time and money sorting out issues with keys. They asked Paul Rinket, an Interior Architect at Trivium Interieurontwerp to help.

"We estimated that at any one time about 5% of HealthCIty's lockers were out of action due to missing or broken keys. And, as it was starting to have an impact on its members, I was asked to look for a solution that's much more convenient to manage on a large scale." 

KitLock 1200 is an electronic lock designed specifically for securing changing room lockers. Fitted in place of a standard cam lock, it provides simple keypad access without the hassle of keys, coins or tokens. Instead, access is gained by entering a four-digit code on the keypad. 

Instant access

Each KitLock comes pre-programmed with a factory-set master code. This code can be used to open the lock, change the master code, set, change or delete the user code and activate/deactivate the technician code. The factory-set master code is usually changed immediately after fitting.