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KL1550 KitLock Locker Lock

  • Multi-purpose lock
  • Standard lock functions
  • Additional features available
  • Supports Public and Private Use
  • MIFARE based smart cards available
  • NetCode available
KL1550 KitLock Locker Lock
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KitLock 1550 SMART is a multi-purpose locker lock that incorporates advanced programming capabilities, access methods and multiple functions. The lock provides flexible access for end users and makes it fast and easier for operators to manage and control access to large number of lockers, cabinets or enclosures.
Based on the original KL1550 lock, the new KitLock 1550 SMART locker lock supports Public and Private Use, MIFARE® based Smart Cards and NetCode. 

Simple keyless access   
Easy access with code or card   
Additional access and programming options

Key Features
•    Multiple Functions and Access Methods
•    12 button keypad
•    8 digit Master Code
•    8 digit Sub-Master Code
•    4 digit User Code
•    6 digit Technician Code
•    Penalty Time
•    Low Battery
•    Battery Override
•    Auto Unlock
•    Audible keypad
•    Dual code mode

Not suitable for a Chlorine environment

Private Use Function: Keypad and smart card options
Public Function: Keypad and smart card options
NetCode: Web generated codes as well as smart card options


Codes Explained
The KL1550 has four code levels available:
8 digit Master Code
8 digit Sub-Master Code
4 digit User Code
6 digit Technician Code

Extra Features

Key Points
KL1550 SMART is smarter with MIFARE® based smart cards.
Benefits of Keyless Entry: No more lost keys! Having no more keys to replace saves a great deal of time and money.
Advantages of electronic locks: On door code change and programming, Greater code options, Flexible access control.



Brand:  KitLock
Buttons:  12 individual buttons
Master Code:  8 digit
Sub-Master Code:  8 digit
User Code:  4 digit - 20 available
Technician Code:  6 digit
NetCode:  6 digit
Operations:  50,000 openings from 2x coin cell batteries
Function:  Private, Public and NetCode
Fitting:  Easy fit
Fitting Options:  Vertical
External dimensions:  145mm x 38mm x 30mm
Ready to fit doors up to:  25mm (1")
Standard colours:  Silver grey
Battery Override:  Yes
Auto unlock program:  Yes
Audible keypad:  Yes
Slam Latch accessory available:  Yes
'Real time' clock setting:  Yes
Dual Code mode:  Yes
iButton option:  Yes
Supporting Cards:  MIFAREŽ Classic, MIFAREŽ Desfire, MIFAREŽ Ultralite


Our Price:  $175.00 Change Currency: EUR (€) (Exc. 8% Tax) ($189.00 Inc. Tax)


In stock  


Click on the support logo above to access the full KL1550 support documentation.


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Service Fees

Note: From Spring 2017 our NetCode charges will be changing to transactional billing. Rather than levying an annual bulk lock registration fee, there will be a simple charge for each NetCode generated. To generate NetCodes, you will need to purchase a credit pack. 1 NetCode or 1 SMS = 1 Credit. Two credit packs will be available:

  • Entry – 100 credits ($19.95)
  • Standard – 1000 credits ($186.20)

Prices shown are excluding VAT.

Please Note: When you register for an account you will receive 20 free credits. 



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